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Are you psychic?”  It’s a question I get asked frequently. The truth is that we are all psychic. Like any skill or talent, the more the ability is put to use, the better the guidance. We all possess an inherently smart spirit body. We are all familiar with our physical, material body, but few of us pay attention to our spirit body.

During our session together, I will ask permission, from you, to engage the wisdom of your spirit realm. I will also use earth mineral energetics and specific healing crystals, based on the nature of your query. Finally, I will employ the use of age-old divination tools, such as Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Angel messages, and/ or Cartomancy (the art of reading cards, such as the variety of playing card decks you are familiar with  —   except that these are used specifically for the purposes of divination, and not at your grandma’s bridge club.).

The pre-work is done with precision. Long before you and I sit down together. My working decks and tools are cleansed — energetically speaking — and charged or attuned, and energized. Often, this process involves the lunar cycles — the moon brings healing energy, foresight, and vision, and I utilize this healing force to enhance clarity.  In between readings, further blessings and cleansing is performed.

All you have to do is show up. Relax. Breathe. And prepare to receive.

I look forward to connecting, and co-creating your best life.

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What I do is help you clarify the everyday matters of your life. How? By using your inner intelligence. And, integrated divination tools.   Book a personal, private, and confidential session:


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Each session is as unique as you, the seeker. Based on the nature of your query, readings and tools are customized to provide clarity and guidance.

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More is not better. Long, arduous, drawn out readings simply to fill time is so yesteryear. Over time, I’ve developed unique, modern spreads to deliver concise, clear, and simple messages. When fast and accurate is what you desire, get Trusted Tarot Readings by CARA.